Companies are also quick to say they’re identifying


UAMS had six COVID 19 positive patients who were not in ICU as of April 22, and 17 suspected cases. The hospital’s surge strategy, which included altering the rooms on the ninth floor of the Central Hospital into negative pressure rooms and plans to take over operating rooms, can provide a total of 247 beds strictly for COVID 19 patients should the need arise. For her 12 hour shift, Sullivan is screened, as is everyone, medical and nonmedical alike, who enters buildings on the UAMS campus.

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For starters, it’s daunting to figure out what the phone companies are actually offering to protect their customers. Phone providers have different definitions for robocalls and spoof calls, and they sometimes disagree about how to comply with regulations. Companies are also quick to say they’re identifying scam calls but are sometimes at the mercy of other providers whose lines are used to originate the illegal calls..

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