For months, the Jack’s Abby folks circulated


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The pandemic has thrown off most things in life, but plans for the beer are coming together. For months, the Jack’s Abby folks circulated documents about the then secret Celtics collaboration under the name “Project Bird.” Now, with the announcement official, a pilot batch sits in tanks. The brewers plan to taste it a week before Labor Day.

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Working remotely, we lose the impromptu conversations and communal lunches that organically create meaningful connections in a shared space. We can recreate those moments virtually, even if they more structured for the time being. Regularly scheduled virtual coffee breaks and companywide chat platforms that allow staff to talk to one another easily with dedicated team channels for non work related topics can be a great reprieve.

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I found a website for testing my speed called 10FastFingers. The site has competitions and ranks you compared to other users. I was at 45WPM starting off lower, actually, though I’m too embarrassed to say how much lower but when I took my first test after learning touch typing to a comfortable degree, I was easily back at 60, and from there it just went up.

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