It’s a warning for brand in low price business and


Set WeatherEveryone knew Patrick Mahomes was going to break the bank on his contract extension with the Kansas City Chiefs, but few were ready for the 10 year contract that can reach $503 million.At the end of the day, Mahomes’ contract will likely be an outlier in terms of money. Dak Prescott, Deshaun Watson and other quarterbacks looking for big paydays can try to use Mahomes’ deal to their advantage during negotiations, but it is unlikely that any of them will surpass the money the Chiefs will give Mahomes over the next decade.While no other player will likely surpass Mahomes’ salary in the near future, the Chiefs could have given an idea to other teams in terms of locking down young cornerstone players long term. Looking over the Buffalo Bills’ roster, CBS Sports’ Will Brinson believes the team has a defender worthy of a Mahomes like contract in terms of length.Brinson recently appeared on The Bill Barnwell Show podcast and laid out the following criteria that he would use when deciding whether or not to lock up players to decade long contracts.Eligible for an extensionReally youngPlayed in league 3 yearsFranchise cornerstoneAfter laying out the criteria, Brinson named two players he would consider based on this criteria: Joey Bosa and Tremaine Edmunds.

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