Later, in Las Vegas, the police identified white


Yet in that 10 year cycle, the Dolphins never were bad enough to be truly committed to rebuilding. Of those nine nonwinning seasons, they went 8 8 twice, 7 9 four times (including last season under Flores’s predecessor, new Jets Coach Adam Gase) and 6 10 three times. Throw in one 10 6 season in 2016 (with a first round playoff exit), and the Dolphins have had between six and 10 victories in 10 straight seasons..

It hurts [wide receiver] Jamison [Crowder]. When Jackson is on the field, he’s always a threat. Every time he came back and played against his old team that drafted him, Philadelphia, somewhere during the course of the game he torched the defense. 3. Game Film Watching And Scouting of Future Opponents: All of our games were filmed. During the home games, a teacher who was good at photography would tape the entire game from a perch on top of our grandstand seats.

Playoff results (2002 to 2016) Average rank of net passer rating differential Average net passer rating differential Did not qualify 21st 7.7 Lost wild card round 11th 7.1 Lost divisional round 8th 13.4 Lost championship game 9th 12.2 Super Bowl appearance 6th 18.9 By this metric, it is safetobelieve the Kansas City Chiefs are still a Super Bowl contender despite two straight losses. Quarterback Alex Smith has completed a league high 72.4 percent of his passes for 1,979 yards, 15 touchdowns and no interceptions for a 120.5 passer rating, highest in the NFL this season. The Chiefs’ defense, meanwhile, has kept opposing quarterbacks to an 88.5 rating, giving them the highest passer rating differential in 2017 heading into their Monday night matchup against the Denver Broncos.

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