The campaign said they received reports of voters


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Cheap Jerseys from china FILE In this Jan. 10, 2018 file photo, Cliven Bundy talks to reporters outside Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Headquarters in Las Vegas. Circuit Court of Appeal in San Francisco on Thursday, Aug. She definitely helped increase turnout and that’s a good thing.”Schweyer said he had no ill will toward Santiago, but that he and his campaign were moving forward with him as the Democratic nominee.Lehigh County Chief Clerk for Registrations and Elections Tim Benyo said his office and the board of elections do not have the power to grant a special election in the race, and that was explained to Santiago.Last week Santiago filed a complaint with Lehigh County election officials, and she made an amendment to the complaint on Friday, Benyo said.The campaign said they received reports of voters with multiple or hyphenated last names being turned away from polls and not offered provisional ballots; improperly filed election results in one ward that had no provisional ballots; unprofessional judges of election; and claims that some provisional ballots did not have Santiago listed as a candidate and voters were told to write their candidates names on the back of their ballots.”How can we ever know how many cheap nfl jerseys people actually came out to vote, when they were turned away?. We have no way of knowing this,” Santiago said. Cheap Jerseys from china

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