The field cleared and Mahomes dazzled


Brown, calling for backup from more police and, eventually, throwing him to ground with the help of several other officers and the stun gun, before briefly jailing the basketball player. When the officer told him, “I own this right here,” Mr. Brown responded, “You don’t own me,” but never raised his voice, brandished a weapon or engaged in any other violence.

Asked why his response under pressure was to blurt out the word Smith replied: we were filming the show, there were multiple questions where all they talked about was sex. I was already hot wired to potentially give that answer. I just needed the time and the space.

But rarely is that quarterback 22 years old, the face of the franchise and relentlessly driven to prove his courage. If ever a veteran coach needed to accept responsibility for the reins of a player, it was Mike Shanahan over Griffin in this game. Yet he simply passed the buck to his player.

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