The union has continued to challenge the league on


Someone needs to remind the Titans of that.3. DeadlinesOf course, the chances are that a deal will get done between Mariota and the Titans before camp. That’s just the way things work in the NFL. Smith has said that neither side got all that it wanted or sought in the last set of labor negotiations. The union has continued to challenge the league on the issue of independent arbitration in cases of player discipline. The union has said it would be satisfied for Goodell to make initial disciplinary rulings in such cases if appeals would be resolved by an independent arbitrator..

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The Redskins’ offensive starters played just six snaps against the Ravens last week and did next to nothing. The second and third stringers weren’t any better, so Saturday’s game could indicated whether the power outage was simply a case of the preseason blahs or a problem that could linger. Read more about the Redskins here.

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Luckily, this is a simple process. A receiver’s primary responsibility is to run a precise route with enough separation from his defender to prompt his quarterback to try to get him the ball. The more often a wideout accomplishes this task, the more opportunities he will get on passing plays.

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