There may be some brief glimmers of wit in the script


Qualcomm fell 5.1%.Energy stocks rose as crude oil prices climbed. Crude oil for June delivery rose $1.87, or 6.8%, to settle at $29.43 a barrel Friday. Brent crude oil for July delivery rose $1.37, or 4.4% to $32.50 a barrel.Fears of a crushing recession due to the coronavirus sent the S 500 into a skid of more than 30% from its high in February.

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Adriel Martin comes three times weekly from nearby Bergenfield, NJ, for the black milk bubble tea. “The flavor’s unique,” he says. (138 W.. There are still a few questions to be answered when it comes to free Apple CarPlay in BMWs. The timing for when folks will be able to stop paying is unclear. And then there are the poor folks who already shelled out hundreds of dollars to use the software for months on end.

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