These activities were designed “to obtain and manage


In the plea agreement, Chaudhry revealed that from 2012 through 2018, he acted as an agent of the Government of Pakistan in order to engage in political activities for, and in the interests of Pakistan. These activities were designed “to obtain and manage information on the status of the United States Government policies regarding Pakistan, and to influence US government officials and US foreign policy towards Pakistan.” Disclosing the modus operandi, the Justice Department said Chaudhry interacted with numerous institutes, foundations, and organizations operating in and around Washington, DC, commonly referred to as “think tanks,” organizing roundtable between his American government and think tank contacts and visiting Pakistan government officials to influence United States foreign policy in a direction favorable to Pakistan’s interests. “Chaudhry cultivated contacts within these entities and the US government in order to obtain in depth information regarding US policies towards Pakistan.

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