To increase its market share in fertilizers with the


She had been an English teacher in her career so with her editing help, she encouraged him to enter the writings in a contest. He won and his first book was published. Since then, he’s written 13 books, from children’s books to westerns. To increase its market share in fertilizers with the aim of strengthening top and bottom line, your company imported significant volume of fertilizers wholesale jerseys like DAP, MoP, NPK, APS, Bentonite Sulphur to the tune of 4.59 Lakh MT, an increase of more than 100% over the previous year. Your company also imported 4.01 Lakh MT of urea on Govt, account during 2017 18. With the starting of own production of Bentonite Sulphur plant at our Panipat Unit, your company has added another product in its basket in 2017 18.

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